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Evaporative Cooler with Remote

Evaporative Cooler with Remote

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Learn to breathe easy with our remote-controlled evaporative coolers. Our coolers work to chill, humidify and purify the natural air-flow in your home.
Use your convenient touch-panel settings to adjust wind speed and air-flow. Set your timer between 1 and 7.5 hours to control your temperature, your way.
Simply crack open a window to allow some airflow to enter your home. When the water evaporates in your cooler, it absorbs heat from the air, lowering your home's temperature. Not only does it keep your temperatures cool and crisp on sticky, humid days, but it works to filter the air from impurities, treating your lungs to a true breath of fresh air.
Our evaporative coolers are fully portable with wheels to move your cooler from room to room - or even outdoors. Because our coolers use moisture to cool the air that cycles through it, our coolers are safe for people prone to allergies, asthma and dry-eyes.
Take a deep breath in and feel the difference of clean, fresh air cycling through your home with our portable evaporative cooling system.



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